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Welcome to the Pandamerica® internet website.   Pandamerica® offers a large selection of high quality hats, bags and shoes manufactured in Europe and Asia.  Our goal is to provide these products to customers worldwide through excellent customer service.  We are pleased to present our company and our products here for your review.

To contact us, link to our Contacts page.  To view our products, link to our Products page.  For fashion accessories only, go directly to Fashion Accessories.  For footwear products only, go directly to Footwear.  To request information from us, link to Information Requests.  To comment on anything related to our company, use our Feedback page.  Current customers are invited to participate in our Customer Survey.  Use the links in the margins to access other useful information on our site.

We update our site often.  Our product mix changes frequently with new products being added, old ones being deleted and current product features changing from time to time.  Check back with us often and you will usually find something new.  We look forward to your frequent visits.

Retail Footwear Sales

Please note that our business is wholesale only.  For retail footwear sales, please visit the many local and online merchants that sell our shoes.

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