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Webmaster's Notes

Some of our visitors may be curious about our website.  This page describes how the site was developed and how it is maintained.

This website was developed by Pandamerica's® Chief Information Officer and top gun nethead, John Sinde.  Generous assistance was provided by the entire Pandamerica® staff who offered their valued opinions during development as to what was informative, useful, easy to use, stylish and cool and what was worthless, useless, confusing, tacky and lame.

The primary web authoring and maintenance software is Microsoft FrontPage 2002.  Product image editing is done in Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Some site design components were imported from the various web design resources listed below.  Our site is hosted by EarthLink.

The main objective is to present a large amount of useful information about Pandamerica® and it's products.  The design strategy is to keep the site simple, clean and easy to use.  The overall tone is intended to be professional but friendly which generally reflects our corporate culture as well.

With the exception of this page, we intentionally avoided cluttering up our site with useless javajunk -- Bouncing balls, spinning tops, flashing signs, scrolling banners and so on.  These "enhancements" add download time, may not work in all browsers and distract the viewer without adding any significant value to the page content.  Our customers are business people whose time is valuable.  Our product pages already take a long time to download because we use large, high quality images.  We thought it best not to make them any slower.  Also, we prefer that our customers focus on our products and not be distracted by gimmicks.  We're not trying to be exciting, we're trying to be informative.

In contrast to the rest of the site, this page contains some of the really cool features we have found elsewhere on the net.  Each one is credited to it's source.  We hope you find them amusing.

We hope you like our site and we would like your opinion about it.  We would like to know what all this looks like from our visitors point of view.  Give us your input at Feedback, or e-mail to

Some web authoring resources we found useful are:

Microsoft FrontPage:
Microsoft Site Builder:
Netscape Website Tool Chest:
Yale Website Style Guide:
InetDesign Website Showcase:
Web Developer's Virtual Library:
Big Nose Bird:


Java applet credits:

Wavy lake: Website Abstraction
Rotating clock:



Use Google to search this site or the web!

Last modified: August 03, 2017
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